Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gaines' Nursery

It has been finished for sometime, but you know, the whole "getting pictures of it" is another story. The background of the nursery boils down to a very limited budget. Luckily, having Woody 20 months before Gaines made this easy. I reused most things, but I wanted this nursery to be different and special for I painted the walls a dark greenish/grey.

I am kinda hopeless when it comes to design, but I love this room. Enjoy!

We kept a double bed in the nursery. It was tricky, because the room is not that big, but I am glad we have it. When we have guests, Brooks and I can sleep in here and give our room to our guests. (We're nice like that.)

Not a fan of the white cord on the lamp. I need to spray paint it.

The blanket on the chair was a special gift when I was pregnant. One of my students' grandmother made it. There is beautiful lace trim on the end of it.

The ottoman was in Woody's room and got quite dirty, so I added an Ikea Rens Sheepskin to it.

The crib, bedding, art, and rocking horse were all in Woody's nursery. The blue outfit is what Gaines came home from the hospital in. 

Bedding is from Ikea//Throw is Cynthia Rowley from Home Goods

Special art from my friend, Catherine

I found this nightstand before I was pregnant and painted the front. The lamp is an antique from Maridelle's house. The little hand print is what Woody made for his brother. The black and white photos are who Gaines is named after. The two on the left are Brooks' grandfather and uncle- both named Gaines. The top photo is my grandfather (Alton Hollon) holding my brother (William Alton Hollon.)

Keeping it real- the closet. There isn't a lot of room in the room, so I took the doors off the closet and put the dresser in it. I painted the dresser the color of the walls with gold accents. It isn't how I planned for it to turn out, but it serves the purpose.

To see how Woody's nursery looked, click here.


  1. Love all the family mementos in the room! What a wonderful and relaxing space for Baby Gaines! :)

  2. What color/brand is the paint? Thanks for showing that a cute nursery can be created on a budget!

    1. It is Valspar Ocean Storm. Thank you so much! I love this room too!


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