Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gaines- One Month

Gaines Facts

  • Weight: 12 lbs 1 oz (95th percentile)
  • Height: 22.75 inches (95th percentile)
  • Diaper Size: 1 (but not for long)
  • Clothing Size: 3 month
  • Sleep: For the most part, sleeps for 45 minutes-2.5 hours. He does well on the Eat-Wake-Sleep routine. Of course, he is a baby, so he didn't come perfectly programmed to this, but I am not complaining! He takes most of his naps in the bouncy seat or pack-n-play. I try to get him to take on nap a day in his crib. He sleeps in either his pack-n-play or crib at night.
  • Eat: Nurses every 2-3 hours. He is a really good eater too. And he is very reliable when it comes to getting a big burp out of him.
  • His hair is darker than Woody's. It is beginning to fall out, and I wonder what color it will end up being.
  • He likes his bath time in his PUJ tub. I love this too, and plan on doing a post about my favorite baby products the second time around.
  • He took his first road trip at three weeks. Brooks had to go out of town, so we went to Alabama to visit my mom and dad. He did well and took his first bottle like a champ!
  • Also a fan of his bouncy seat
  • Overall, Gaines is very laid back baby (hooray!) There are few things that he really dislikes, except when we let his big brother hold him. I am loving my maternity leave with him. Everyday I learn something new about his little personality! 

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