Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Kitchen

True love doesn't buy you fancy jewelry for Christmas. True love has your pink cabinets repainted and hardware installed (so that your seven month pregnant self isn't tackling I did here.)

So the before...
Apologies for the grainy images, but believe me, you're not missing much. These were the pictures on MLS. These are also the reason I waited so long before seeing this house. The cabinets may look "oak" or "pine", but they were pink.

New light fixtures are hopefully in the near future.... And don't be jealous of our fancy recycling/trash cans. I would have taken down our sippy cup dryer, but I wanted to keep it real. And yeah, I added a TV in here because I am much more likely to cook if I don't have to listen to Super Why in the Family Room.

If I wasn't knocked up for the second time in less than two years, we might spring for new counter tops and back splash, but...

What I do love? My oven (complete with child-proof knobs.) One day I am going to be a master chef with this bad boy. For now, it looks pretty!

Brooks hates clutter and knick knacks. DOES HE KNOW WHO I AM? I think every corner needs a little friend to call it home. However, in the kitchen I try to keep it a minimum. So sad.

And yes, that dishwasher is older than me. I am not kidding.

Like my editing? The dining room/living room hasn't quite recovered from Christmas. The black chalkboard door leads down to the basement. I like to steal others' works from Pinterest and try to recreate them here. And isn't this the cutest kitchen cart? My mom bought it for me, and I thought I would use it in Harvard Baby Dos nursery, but it is perfect in the kitchen. And little Woody Man loves to take everything off of it. ::Sigh::

Thank you sweet Husband for my pretty new kitchen! 

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