Monday, January 13, 2014

Home Goals

My clever sister wrote a post on home goals for this year. Love this idea. I feel like it gives me a purpose when I go to my favorite flea markets and antique stores. At the end of the year, I can look back and see what was accomplished, what wasn't, and what I added.

Landry Room:
  • Um, clean/ organize it.  Let it be known that this is also the dogs' favorite hang out since it is in the garage. One year (not this year) I want to finish it out and convert it to a mud room, but for now, just organize the chaos. 
  • Find a portable kitchen island with seating options
  • Replace the lighting
Dining Room:
  • Fix the art that has fallen out of the mat
  • Begin a colorful plate gallery wall a la Little Black Door

Formal Living Room:

  • Relocate Woody's trampoline out and onto the back deck. Nothing says fancy living like a trampoline in the middle of your floor, but Woody loves it, and I greatly appreciate the fact the he burns energy on it during this cold and wet winter. However, it needs to find a home outside. 
  • Accessorize.
  • Recover the sofa's pillows (already making progress here!)
  • Fix the floor lamp or chunk it.
Family Room:
  • Organize toys. I would like to completely relocate them to the boys' bedrooms, but good luck with that. I just cannot step on another wooden block though. I cannot.
  • Get bookcase from Senior Harvards' house and style it up.
Harvard Baby Dos Room:
  • Finish gallery wall and hang rest of art
  • Paint/wallpaper the back of his door
Woody's Room:
  • Organize his toys somehow....and maybe relocate the noisy ones to his Nana's house
  • Paint the outside of his door. It is the only one left that is not black.
Both Bathrooms:

  • They are pretty much complete. However new towels are always a necessity. 

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