Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Registry- The Second Time Around

Let me start off by saying, no, I did not make a baby registry. (1) I am having another boy. (2) He will be arriving 19.5 months after his big brother. Um, there isn't a lot. So I use the word registry to let you know what I am buying have to convince Brooks to buy, what I plan on reusing from Woody, and what I could probably do without for this little bundle of goodness.

I will declare my love below for the Miracle Blanket, but I fell in love with these blankets when Woody was given two of them. So why don't I reuse them? Those are Woody's "Blankies" and the attachment is creepy. He sleeps with one and one stays at Miss B's. And while Brooks will complain about the price, they are my favorite for when I want to swaddle without the straight jacket. Plus, how cute are these prints?!

With Woody, I sent Brooks to Babies R Us right before Woody's first bath (dangerous) and he came back with the cheapest option (of course.) However, it worked fine and fit perfectly in the bathtub (good job Hubs.) Problem? We don't have a bathtub anymore. I bathe Woody in a glorified bucket in the shower. No judgement. I just don't see this working out with an infant though. Luckily we have sinks (whew), and my friend, Jessica, recommended it.

Woody reaches a Charlie Sheen destructive status when not secured with a five point harness in public. Not having a double stroller is not an option. But they are not the cheapest of things. Brooks would love to have the double BOB, and believe me, we have loved our single BOB. It was a generous gift from my in-laws, and we use it often. The problem is not only is it pricey, but huge. It won't fit into my small SUV's trunk. I can't justify shelling out that much money when I still would need a second double stroller.

We currently own the Joovy Scooter and have been overall pleased with its performance. It is no BOB, but let's face it, I am not jogging with two. I don't with one. When we do go all on hikes, it is because Brooks is making me. I figure one of us can push the single BOB while one carries baby in the Baby Bjorn or backpack carrier thing (or he can do both- Mighty Man.)

To satisfy the broken hearted, BOB-less Brooks, I let him pick out the color.

He went with green.....

I would also like to remind him that this wouldn't even be an issue if he had listed to me then.

(Told you so.)

Now, what is making a second grand entrance?

Oh, hey you. Hey you perfect, life-saving straight jacket. I am so glad to see you again. You are washed and ready to help Baby sleep.... 12 hours...... the first night home, right? Thank you times a million for Sister introducing and giving this to me.

If nursing works out again (please, please, please), it is a must. Settles that crazy, little sensitive tummy like that.

Plus like 10,000 more things. These two just really stick out and aren't completely obvious (i.e.: "Ahhh I think I will use diapers again." "A crib seemed to workout well, I will give it another go around.")

What is getting ditched? (R I P)

I have yet to dig this out of the basement. It was really pretty and nice, but Woody ripped one of the ties off ( minus pretty points.) Also, it just didn't last long in the crib the first time around. I was paranoid when Woody began rolling over, took it out. Put it back in when he gained better head control, took it out when he used it as a roller coaster safety bar.

I have over 30 size newborn onsies. Woody was in a newborn size for a week...maybe. Plus it is going to be chilly when Harvard Baby Dos arrives (unlike the record breaking hot summer when Woody was born.) I know people swear by them, but eh.

So this is where I stand today. I am sure I will add a bunch to my list. What about you? Any favorite items?

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