Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So what has been going on with the Harvards/ Harvard Baby Dos Update

A bunch of nothing.

Woody's typical mood after a nap

Huge fan of the selfie

Pumped about Dad bouncing a ball on his head going to church

What happens by 9:00 am when you wake up at 3:30 am.

I love low key weekends. A dinner here, some visiting there, but no real schedule. I feel that I get to enjoy my family so much more when we don't have real plans. I am trying to keep it super flexible like this until Harvard Baby Dos arrives...

And speaking of Harvard Baby Dos, we have a c-section date! March 7 is the tentative b-day. It feels so different than with Woody. The first time around, since I had no desire to be induced, we had no idea when he would come. It was crazy/exciting/scary to have my water break at home and then rush to the hospital (only to wait until the next day to have a c-section.) This time, I got to pick my date and time. I can arrive at the hospital with make-up on and hair looking decent. Since I cannot eat after midnight, I plan on having my last meal at 11:50 pm. Of course, watch this little Sparky surprise us all and come early and wreck my plans.

Just like with Woody, I have carried this baby...out. He is large and in charge. The usual comments include, "Any day now?" (Nope, March.) "You aren't going to make it to March!" (Thanks Miss Cleo.) "Are you sure it is not twins?" (It was, until one ate the other.) However, I am far less sensitive to the comments this time around. (Can't you tell?)

His nursery is 90% finished, and I might (gasp) have a nursery reveal up before the big date. Most of it is from Woody's nursery, but it has such a different feel to it. I hope he finds it swell too.

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