Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

Like It:

Comical to think I am buying any clothes right now- I'm not. BUT, if I were, how cute is this? Perfect for summer and fall and looks so comfortable!

Love It:

(hopefully...and if not, you can find me in therapy)

One of my favorite things about new house is the big back yard for Woody and the dogs. Right now we are stuck in the townhouse, which is already not exactly the definition of spacious, but now is crammed full of boxes- including those from our storage unit. In our five years of marriage, we have never had a real backyard. Don't think I am above an above ground pool and year round Christmas lights.


Chinese Chippendale Chairs

So I know these have been on every blog, and the odds of scoring them on Craigslist are slim to none, but I love these chairs. I vow that I will one day have them. And if you come over, I will make you sit in them. And tell me how awesome they are. And how awesome I am.

Happy Tuesday!

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