Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Woody- Eleven Months

Stink Eye Perfected

Since I took these on Father's Day, I was hoping to get a good Father/Son shot...

Not happening.
Much happier with his momma...

Not happy about naked photos on his changing pad.

Woody Facts

  • Weight: Somewhere between 22-25 lbs I would guess.
  • Diaper Size: 4
  • Clothing: He is still in 12 months. This is the longest he has stayed in a clothing size, and I love it. He has a few 12-18 month that are starting to fit.
  • Shoe Size: 3.5-4 wide
  • Sleep: Sleeps through the night, from 7:00 pm to 6-7:00 am. Now that I am out for the summer, he often takes two naps, but sometimes just one. 
  • Eat: I have started giving him whole milk, and he is doing great with it. I am the one with the issue. Nursing is so easy for us, but I am working on the weening. He is eating lots of solids and is even eating his momma's cooking. I still give him a puree for breakfast and dinner with his solids.
  • He has two more teeth coming in up top- that puts him with six!
  • Walking everywhere! It is so crazy to watch him move around so quickly...
  • ...and climbing everywhere. Baby gates just make him laugh. 
  • Woody likes swim lessons, especially because he is with his buddy, Burke. He doesn't like having to sit on the side of the pool or swimming under water to Mr. Randy. (Full Disclosure: Me either) When he goes under water, he puts his hands by his head like he is diving. So cute!
  • He prefers Brooks for playtime/ when he is in a good mood. He wants me when he is tired or upset.
  • Understands the word "no." It means whatever you are doing is awesome and keep it up.
  • Says Ma-ma, Da-da, and du (dog- Lucy)
  • His favorite toys are board books and anything he shouldn't play with.
  • I cannot even talk about what is to come next month...

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