Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's the Story Morning Glory?

Sorry for that cheesy title. It reminds me of my friend, Suzy, so get over it. And let the randomness begin.

I will begin with some pictures of this stud...

He was trilled about his church bubble. Thanks Cousin Jake!

And if you follow me on Instagram, you saw that my sweet Winnie Girl is back where she belongs. Initially, Woody wasn't so sure, but now he finds her hilarious.

How cute are my nieces and nephew? Oh, and they are hilarious. This was a photo from their big camp out (that lasted until 10:00pm.) I wish we lived closer so I could make Woody stay in a tent for a while...cue sad tears.

House Updates:

1. We close on Vern in eight days. SAY WHAT!? Thank goodness we are renting back for a month and aren't officially kicked out until July.

2. New House (still out for debate on his name) will be ours on the 28th (hopefully.) He did really well on his inspection and appraisal (proud momma), but he just needs a slight face lift. We are going to paint and get some inexpensive window treatments before we move in, but that is about it. Changes will becoming slowly (because what is poorer than a teacher? a part-time teacher. Word.)

Most of the rooms are going to be neutral paint, but when I saw Erika from Urban Grace's Intsagram, I decided to zhush up our master bedroom.

Martha Stewart's Gabardine

Yeah, I am a shameless copycat in virtually everything she does. Don't hate. I think this will work since our bedding and furniture are very neutral. 

 In Vern, we had to have white window treatments- thanks HOA. I am excited to have more freedom. I am bummed to have no budget. Hello Ikea Drapes, I will make you awesome. And I am really digging how these folks used copper pipes for their curtain hardware.

Ah, me likey.

With bamboo shades. Yes? Yes. 

Thanks for checking in! 

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