Friday, June 21, 2013

Days Beds in Living Areas

It's FRIDAY! One week from today we will have our new house! I can't wait to paint that bad boy pretty. (But it is going to need a whole lotta paint. Anyone wanna join us? Anyone?)

We will not be buying any furniture right off the back because
1. We don't need that much more than we already have.
2. I hate feeling pressure to buy furniture. I rarely like it. I like to just buy what I like whenever it happens.
3. Oh, money- gotta save those pennies (keeping it real.)

The only rooms we are gaining are an extra bedroom and a formal living room...aka my Ladies Lounge. I fully embrace that Woody's stuff will end up everywhere in my house, but I want this room to maintain some sort of "no toys allowed" status. (You can laugh at me in six months when this room had become his playroom.)

I would love a white settee, chippendale, or, lets dream big, chesterfield sofa in there one day. But for now, I was thinking of adding Woody's daybed in there for a temporary solution.

And because my mom will be mad if there is not a photo of Woody...

Heart Heart Heart

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