Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woody- One Month

I attempted to take photos on Woody's one month birthday. Hilarious. 99% look like this...

Here is the problem with taking pictures of Woody.

  • Usually, if he is awake, he is crying. I dare not risk taking a picture while he is sleeping. So all of these pictures he is crying/in between cries.
  • He has no head control, so I couldn't exactly get him to sit up. 
  • His outfit (that I had already removed the tags from) was too tight around his neck. Therefore, the top button is undone.
We tried.

I put on the hat to humor myself. I didn't begin to cover his head. And guess what? He cried.

Sensing my frustration, Woody became very still and held this awkward pose-

Over. It.

Almost a smile?

Woody let his feelings about his outfit be known by pooping on it. So I stripped him down to his favorite outfit, his birthday suit.

And I leave you with my favorite picture. My Pumpkin Head :)

Woody Facts

  • I am not sure on his weight, will find out tomorrow!
  • Diaper Size: 1
  • Clothing Size: Mostly 3 mo, but he is a 6 mo in brands that run small. He never fit in newborn :(
  • Sleep: HA! We get it when we can? Some nights, he has slept almost five hours straight! Most nights though are a different story. Usually he naps during the day for an hour to an hour and a half. He mostly sleeps in his crib upstairs, but occasionally will take a snooze in the Pack-n-Play or bouncy seat downstairs. 
  • He is grumpiest in the late afternoon/early evening. 
  • We are working on a eat/play/sleep schedule. However, sometimes Woody likes to mix things up on us.
  • His hair is lightening up...and falling out. He is pretty bald on the top, with hair on the side.
  • He hated his first real bath (surprise!), but has been doing better with them.
  • He has learned to stick out his bottom lip when he is upset.
  • If you kiss him on the lips, he will smile.
  • He usually takes one bottle a day of pumped milk- trying to get him used to it when I go back to work. These rest of the time it's straight from Momma.
  • He likes to be outside- either being pushed in the BOB or in the Baby Bjorn.
  • Lucy usually ignores Woody, but sometimes she likes to give him a little kiss on the legs. This really irritates Woody.
  • My nicknames for him: Sir Cheeks (sweet Woody), Mini Monster (angry Woody), Pumpkin Head (funny Woody), Little Man (what Husband calls him)

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