Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teach Chic?

Like I said yesterday, I am maternity leave until October. Teach

Oh, and there is nothing chic about me. Chic

But I am not ready to change the name of this blog to Mommy Sloppy. I refuse.

I was able to get out twice this past weekend. While picking up a gift, I decided to slip into the mall to begin trying on new fall options (you  know, trying to get the chic back into my life.) Depressing. Time to strap Woody into his spaceship (aka the Bob) and hit the hills. (And maybe put down the cake.)

Speaking of Lucy, you maybe wondering where Winnie is. Well, when I ended up having a c-section, the Big Harvards took both dogs home with them. Lucy came back two weeks ago, but because of Winnie's large size (walking her is very difficult, especially when recovering from a c-section), she has been chilling in Big Harvards' pool. (Big, no, HUGE thank you!!) She will be joining us once our back yard fence is in. We miss her very much.

Today, Woody is ONE MONTH! We will be doing a one month photo session today (which Woody will definitely corporate during....) Here are some Woody pics during his first month (on my phone. Honestly, don't even know where my actual camera is. Must find today.)

"Eh, Mom, you aren't allowed to not hold me."

At Mom's doctor's appointment.

 Typical 2:00 am mood

A first! A picture where he is not crying or sleeping! He loves his activity mat...

...Lucy is not impressed with this accomplishment...

...so she decided to play with her brother. Cue crying. Thanks Lucy

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  1. I'm sure you're a chic mommy now, but will be feeling more up to your chic title soon. Maybe a mani/pedi or massage in the next couple weeks? :)


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