Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddox!

On Sunday, my oldest niece, Maddox, turned eight. I cannot believe it was eight years ago that we waited at the hospital to meet the first grandchild. I was one week away from leaving for college. I (reluctantly) passed on the title of  "The Baby" to an actual baby. Over the years, I have watched Maddox grow up and turn into an awesome kid. I love how she is so picky with her clothes (she is definitely over dressing like her younger sister) and is more than willing to express her opinion. However, her kind heart is what I love the most.

Maddox has been saving her allowance for several weeks. We were all impressed/surprised that she hadn't blown it on junk...or an outfit that is not "frumpy." My mom took her to Target to spend her money. Instead of buying something for herself, she decided to pick out a present for Baby Woody- and wrapped it herself. I don't know many eight-year-olds that are that selfless. My prayer is that she holds strong to that sweet and giving spirit for the rest of life.

Happy Birthday Maddox!!
Love, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Brooks, and Baby Woody

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  1. This is truly remarkable! I hope you have a wonderful visit this weekend!


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