Friday, July 6, 2012

Dining Room and Landscaping...How I Spent My 4th

The 4th of July ranks as one of my top three favorite holidays. Deep down (before Tuesday's doctor's appointment), I just knew Jammer was going to come on the fourth...but there was no birthday (except America's of course.)

Since I can't travel, I decided to make the best and get a patriotic pedicure. (Thanks Laura and Sus for our fun date! You can see the masterpiece on my Instagram pictures on the right of your screen.) On Wednesday, Hubs and I decided to enjoy our freedom to own property and make it as amazing as possible.

Part I- The Back Yard

So after the back door came in, we had a nice entry to...gravel. Just lots of gravel. Oh, and clay and a dirt hill. It needed help. We originally planned on getting the fence in before doing any landscaping. However, the fence will not be installed until mid-August, so we decided to tackle this job before Jammer comes. I wish SO bad I had before pictures, but this is what is looked like after a hard day's work.

So our back yard is definitely not going to be huge (the fence will go in where the mulch and grass meet), but that is just townhome living. It will be nice though for the pups to have a place to do their business. I cannot explain how much better this looks! Thanks Husband!!!

Speaking of pups. they have really taken their job as neighborhood watch to the next level with the new visibility out back.

Part II- The Dining Room

As Husband was working away, I had absolutely no intentions of helping him, but no trip to Home Depot is complete without me coming up with a project. Our dining room table had originally belonged to Husband's grandmother that had seen better days. The top was pretty damaged, but beggers can't be choosers, so we threw on a table cloth and dealt with it for three years.

Geez, this picture is old. But there is our dining room in the back. Very...brown. And no, that rug is not big enough for that room.

In June, I made a runner for the table to add some color (see here) and turned the table, but I still didn't like the room. The too small rug still existed and everything was still dark and...brown. Upon taking off the table cloth, I realized that top was worse than I remembered.

Ew. And yes, that is a gigantic crack where a leaf goes. The leaf is MIA. 

I sanded the top and got started painting. I used Behr's Paint and Primer (of course) Solar Fusion. I have the problem that I LOVE color, but then kinda freak out when I go to use it. I tend to play it safe with grays and blues.

Coat one. This is when I was saying, "Oh wow, its yellow."

I kept painting and after four coats (had to return for another sample jar of paint), I got exactly what I was wanting! My new dining room!

(My dogs are the biggest photo sneakers! That is Lucy on the top right in the kitchen and Winnie's tail is on the left.)

It makes the room so much brighter, especially since we rarely use the overhead light. I much prefer the soft shadows the Monkeys cast out. And yes, that is a very pregnant mama in that reflection...still in her nightgown.

I left the legs brown. I like the contrast. And because the legs are a whole other issue.

And you may have noticed the chairs (from Ikea) got an update too.



We took out the rug too. Probably a big faux pas not to have the rug in the dining room, but I would rather have naked floor than a too small rug.

One thing I won't be changing? The amroire where we keep our "fancy dishes." Even though it is...brown, I am obsessed with the detail :)

Ah, so 70s. My favorite.

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  1. Love the "new" table and chairs! Great colors, and I am the exact same way when I see the color and begin to freak out a bit, but this turned out beautifully. My future MIL claims dining rooms shouldn't have a rug as they're often too small to push chairs back and forth easily. ;)


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