Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheers to Three Years (and Three Days) Lucy!

Last Saturday, my precious J.R. Terrier (aka Lucy) turned three. (Yes, she is 21 in dog years, making her legal!) I will admit- my dog mommy skills are slacking. There was no birthday party, but she did get a new bed plus some playtime with her Alabama cousins (Scout and Coosa.) You can read Lucy's birthday post from last year here. (Please do not be insulted that I think you want to spend your time reading birthday posts to my dog... just saying.) Here are some of my favorite Lucy pictures from the past year...

Wishing My Mom a Happy Birthday

Lucy and Winnie Celebrating the Arrival of Valentine
(Excuse the slicked back, dirty hair look)

I am doomed to be one of those parents who takes pictures of their kids being bad

Helping me pack

Being a great participator in my niece's, Maddox, Flat Stanley project

My Walking Buddy

Adventures in St. George...Loves her a Beach

And loves the woods

Such a sweet dog

Happy Birthday Lucy Dog! 

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