Friday, April 13, 2012

Snips and Snails and other Ramblings

Over Spring Break, I went to see my sweet friend Jessica and her new baby, Burke. I was accompanied by my other sweet friend Alli and her little boy, Jackson. I couldn't help but wonder if my little Jammer would be another buddy in their crew...or the girl they fight over :)



In other news, I cannot explain how happy I am that it is Friday. I am fighting a nasty cold that has Jammer and I none too pleased. Being in a class with students who are fighting the same colds (and an apparent stye outbreak?) doesn't help.

Also, my school baby shower is tomorrow. This will be my first shower, and I cannot wait!! Happy Friday :)


  1. It was so nice of y'all to visit Burke and me! I can't wait until your lil one is here... We have some fun times ahead of us!

  2. So so cute! It'll be so exciting to have all of the babes meet each other. :)


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