Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome All...

I am very excited to move my blog onto a new adventure. I know that my four followers (and my mother) will be excited as well. I decided that since the husband and I rarely do anything too exciting, that I would focus my blog on my other passions... teaching and shopping.

The world has labeled teachers as washed-up, frumpy ladies with bad shoes. I am here to break that stereotype.

Lesson 1: The Teacher Sweater

Once upon a time, when little girls dreamed of being a teacher, they had nightmares of this...

I don't know if I want to throw up or buy it for my next tacky sweater party. The bulky knit, the shoulder pads, the CRAYON buttons?!?!
Shout-out to the librarians out there!! (aka-my mom, faithful blog reader)
These two sweaters are actually for sale (for the purchase of tacky sweater parties only people!) Images from eBay Sellers' Opinions of "Librarian Clothes"

Check out J.Crew. They love teachers so much that they give us (teachers and students with ID!) 15% off all non-sale items. I am obsessed with their Forever Cotton Cardigan. #1- It is a little bit longer, which I like since it makes me feel covered. #2- It comes in lots of colors. (When I find a great basic, I "invest" in it.) #3- It has pockets. I cannot function without pockets.

I have a love/hate relationship with Forever21 the store, but I love No fuss, no dressing rooms. I love this Adeline Cardigan. I also love her cool tee...

Ann Taylor Loft loves teacher too. See here! (Told you) Not only is this cardigan affordable, but teachers get an extra 15% off! (She looks very belted-chic!)

Cardigans Dos and Don'ts
Do buy cardigans in fun colors besides the basic black, gray, and white
Don't buy anything with pencils, apples, school buses on it
Do belt cardigans. It will give you a waist.
Do always wear a cami under a cardigan, even if you plan on wearing it buttoned up. You never know when a button will pop!

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  1. I'm so glad that you started this blog! It is going to be the first thing that I check every morning! I cannot wait to see all the fashion/design/etc ideas you have everyday!

    Sus (aka your first non-family follower!)


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