Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Trend #3- Ballet Chic


I saw Black Swan at the end of last year with some friends. I. was. terrified. I was so horrified that I decided to see it again, with husband. I still don't really know if I liked the movie, but it was one of those movies that you cannot get out of your mind. It makes you think, which I guess is a good movie.

What I did like: the costumes:

Sorry about the grainy quality of these pictures, but I LOOOOVVVE this dress.


So my third favorite trend for the spring is ballet-insprired ensembles. It even inspired my to break out my tie shrug from my ballet days and wear on V-Day. (FYI- I took ballet when I was 12, so it became a "cropped 3/4 length sweater".)

Ballet Chic: Think feathers, bows, and lace. I love, I love, I love.

I want to hang this in my one day I will have one, even though husband won't let me turn my extra bedroom into a massive closet. From Spanish Moss

How to wear it to work: (and again, all items are $100 or less!)

Ballet Chic

Ballet Chic by lhharvard featuring vintage skirts
Ballet Matinee Dress
$48 -
Lace overlay dress »

Tapio Wrap Cardigan
$50 -
Wrap around tops »

Tapio Wrap Cardigan
$50 -
Wrap around tops »

Boho Mix Feather Earrings
$3.80 -
Forever21 earrings »

32 GBP -
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ok - first, that movie gave me night terrors, but I do love the ballet look. (now only if i could get my arms to look a little more like Natalie's and less like arnold schwarzenegger's I could totally wear it) I thought that this dress was ballet chic too -

    you smile, I smile

  2. Ah, so cute! (I am so glad you are one less lonely girl!)


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