Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teach Chic Basics

In every teacher’s (or any working profession for that matter) closet, there are some basic staples you should find. These are the basics that you should be willing to spend a little but more money on, because you will wear them over and over. (Helpful Hint: Whenever you purchase an item, think of how many times you will wear them. For example: $200 might be a little much for shoes. However, if you wear them once a week for one year though, you say $200 ÷ 55 = $3.64 each day… not too bad, huh? Justification friends.)

Basic 1: Crisp White Shirt
• Rule 1: Get it tailored. It can make you look boxy if you don’t.
• Rule 2: Go with cotton, and machine washable (you will wear it too much to take it to the dry cleaners)
• Rule 3: Wear with (almost) anything. Looks great untucked with pants or tucked-in with a pencil skirt.
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Basic 2: A Great-Fit Chino
• Rule 1: Don’t buy pants just because they are on sale. Buy them because you look great in them.
• Rule 2: Get them tailored/hemmed. Children WILL step on them if they are too long.
• Rule 3: Start out with a simple color, like khaki or black. If you find yourself wearing them over and over, venture out to more colors.
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Basic 3: Simple Ballet Flats
• Rule 1: Quality.Leather. I have had my favorites since 2008, wear them at least once a week and are holding strong.
• Rule 2: K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Stupid (thanks Dwight Schrute.) Remember, you will probably be wearing these every week with different outfits.
• Rule 3: Once you buy them, let them air out. You should not wear them everyday...they will stink. To keep odor at a minimum, when you put them away, stick a dryer sheet in them.
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Basic 4: Black Blazer
• Rule 1: Be careful if you are petite! Always have the sleeves hemmed so they do not go past your hands.
• Rule 2: When trying it on, move your arms around in the dressing room. Some blazers are very restricting and uncomfortable to wear all day.
• Rule 3: Pick a fabric that breathes
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Basic 5: Pencil Skirt
• Rule 1: Stay away from cheap fabrics that cling. It will look very inappropriate at school.
• Rule 2: The hem should touch the top of your knee.
• Rule 3: Wear it with tucked-in blouses or belted sweaters. It will create a nice silhouette.
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