Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Trend #2- Leopard Lady

I love leopard. I have since I was in utero. While most find it an appropriate print, I agree with Diane von Furstenberg that leapard, is in fact, a neutral. Whose been rocking the leopard look lately?

Nicky Hilton in Charlie Brown
Photo from sassisam

Sienna Miller
Photo from In Their Closet

Ugh...Olivia Palermo's personality makes me want to ralph, but I love her style.
Photo from Elements of Style
Now, how do you work it in the workplace? No, not with a leopard lycra dress, but with...
(All items are under $100!!)


Leopard by lhharvard featuring a bow belt
Wild Leopard Bracelet
$5.80 - forever21.com
Acrylic jewelry »

$11 - asos.com


  1. leopard is my FAVORITE! i don't even mind when people dress trashy in leopard I love it so much. my current search is for a thin leopard headband possibly with a little bow (that could be up for consideration)! one day I will have a leopard tube dress and wear it with pride!

  2. Let's try Zara. They usually have great leapard accessories!


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