Monday, September 26, 2016

Squeak Update and Random Pictures of Cheeks and Peepers

10 days until Baby Squeak! I can't believe it. This pregnancy has flown by, especially since school has started.

  • This has been my healthiest pregnancy. No problems with the baby, so I haven't had an ultrasound in 18 weeks!
  • Heartbeat has been in the 150s-160s
  • This Thursday is my last appointment
  • October 6 is penciled in as Squeak's birthday
  • With Woody, I never really had Braxton Hicks. With #3, they started at like 26 weeks! Every night they get very consistent. In the past week, they will hit, and I will contract every 3-5 minutes! It only lasts about an hour or so though. I can walk and talk through them, so I feel like they aren't the real thing. Also, at 36 weeks, I wasn't dilated at all, so I feel like I am safe.
  • The nursery is done! Well, almost. My sister is making the crib sheet, so I will take pictures once that is here.
  • We still don't know the gender! At first, I thought it was a girl because I literally threw up every single day my first trimester. I wasn't really that sick with Gaines, and especially not sick with Woody. But now I feel like I am carrying this baby like a boy (although my belly is smaller than when I had Gaines.) I am just excited to meet the little guy/girl who has been growing in my belly!
  • I think Woody gets it. He talks about how a baby is going to live with us, and he calls the baby Squeak. He prays for Squeak at night. Gaines has somewhat of an idea. I think because he is copying Woody. He loves to play in Squeak's room and try out every single pacifier. I know when Squeak comes home, their worlds will be rocked, but hopefully we can settle into our new normal soon!
Momma Update
  • This year, I am co-chairing MOPS at our church. This ministry has been such a blessing to me. I have met so many wonderful friends in the past two years and leave the meetings with a rejuvination. I am taking October off, but hopefully can jump back in the first of November. Luckily, the chair of MOPS, is a total rockstar and super organized. I hope I can do half as good of a job as her next year!
 We have been cheering on Bama! #1!!

Enjoying our friend, Blake's, birthday party

Later, we went for a walk. If you want a good picture of Woody, don't tell him to say cheese. You will get this face. #framer

Gaines consumed his body weight in chocolate on Saturday

New carseats! I am attempting to just have the kids sit three across as opposed to getting a minivan, so we bought the Diono RXT seats for the boys since they are a lot more narrow. I needed to sit the boys close to the passenger side to make carpool easier. Woody got middle because I trust him next to the baby more than Gaines. (Sorry, bud.) I don't know why, but they were so excited, so we took a test ride after Brooks installed them. And when they decided to hold hands? Melt my heart! (Don't mind Gaines's outfit. He was so mad about what I made him wear to church, and the only way to get him out the door was to promise he could wear that T-shirt when we got home.)

Carpool this AM. Gaines gets so sad on days that he doesn't get to go. He kept wanting to hold Woody's hand (so Woody wouldn't leave.) Woody was ready to get out of the car!

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  1. Love this and those sweet boys! They are going to be the best big brothers to baby squeak. I can't wait to meet him/her!


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