Monday, September 5, 2016

Beach Weekend 2016

Things I am terrible at:

1. Cooking
2. Keeping up with this blog

I may have accepted number 1, but I refuse to accept number 2. Two weekends ago we met my parents at their beach place. We drove down Thursday night. We got a late start because the weather was awful. Like down trees/road flooding awful. And and the fact that Atlanta rush hour is a nightmare in general. Luckily, the boys were pretty chill on the ride down (with the exception of one blow out diaper before we were out of the city.) They slept the entire way, and we were so proud of ourselves...that was until we were about 20 minutes out and they both woke up! It was around 12:20am local time (1:20 am our time) when we arrived. The facts that we were at a new place + Nana and Gran were at this new place was too much excitement. The boys never went back to sleep! Thank goodness my husband and parents are saints and took turns with me staying with the boys. 

Friday morning we hit the beach pretty early since I knew they would obviously need naps. Both boys liked going out on the stand-up paddle did Brooks! The water was so clear too. In years past, we usually get about an hour on the beach before the meltdowns start. This year, everyone was relatively happy! It was actually, somewhat relaxing!

Trying to teach Woody how to stand

We headed back in to feed the boys lunch, and the plan was to put them down for naps and then Brooks and I would go out for lunch just the two of us (can I tell you how much I love grandparents!?) The boys were so tired, and my parents assured us they could easily get them down for a nap, so we headed to Hurricane Oyster in Grayton Beach.

When we came back, my poor dad was still trying to get the boys to lie down! Thankfully, we got them down to sleep in our bed and everyone took a nice nap.

When they woke up, we headed back to the beach. Woody took a little tumble and began limping. He kept saying that his toe hurt, but when I asked him to point to which toe hurt, he pointed to his ankle. For the rest of the night and next morning he had a hard time putting weight on it. I felt terrible for him, but luckily, it was just a sprain and he was okay by the next afternoon.

For dinner, we all headed out to The Hub. Not only is it super close to my parents', but very child friendly...which helps when you have a 2 and 4 year old that are hungry, one has a sprained ankle, and are up past their bedtime!

Saturday morning, my parents offered to watch the boys and Brooks and I headed over to Eden Gardens State Park to walk around and explore. It was beautiful, but there were mosquitos, and we didn't have any bug spray. We made our visit quick, but I can't wait to go back!

I love an antique brick

When we got back, we headed down to the beach. Gaines was very ready to be back, but Woody wasn't as excited. I think it was because his ankle was still hurting. He did go out with Brooks again and they got so close to some dolphins!

But he was much happier napping in Nana's arms!

That night, Brooks and I headed to one of our favorite's, Edward's in Rosemary Beach. The food was wonderful as always. Poor Brooks only had to deal with me complaing how hot, fat, and swollen I felt. 

On Sunday, we decided to go to the beach for a little bit before heading home. Both of my boys adore both sets of grandparents, and I love seeing them together. 

Nana and Gran's House has an unlimited supply of beach toys. Which is a good thing...I fear many were lost at sea.

As we headed out, we stopped at The Perfect Pig for brunch. My friend, Tippi, introduced me to this place on when we came down last August. Again, super close to my parents' place and really, really good!

I've got to give credit to the boys- they slept almost the entire way back! They do pretty good in the car to not have a working DVD player. They woke up just south of Atlanta, and were obviously hungry again. I was just ready to get out of the car, so we decided to have a sit down meal at Applebee's (our options were a tad limited.) It has been a while since I dined at an Applebee's, but now they have these tablet type things where you can play games or order food or entertain kids until they run up your bill without you noticing! Before we realized that you could buy stuff the ordered a Disney game and an order of onion rings!

See how the light is blue on top? That means you have ordered food....and now you know!
(We obviously didn't at the time)

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for not only having us, but for babysitting so much! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to be back as a family of five! (And a special thank you to my sweet SIL for watching our other children, Lucy and Winnie!)

Squeak (32 weeks in utero), Gaines (2), Woody (4)

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