Friday, September 16, 2016

First Day of School

Not only was this a big year because Gaines was starting school, but I decided to put them in a new school that is closer to our house. We have loved having Woody at Peachtree, but it is far from our house. I just didn't want to fight the traffic five days a week. Not only is their new school closer, but Woody was able to get in the four day a week program (as opposed to five.) I like having one day where we can stay in our PJs a little longer!

Fuuny Story:: Gaines was so mad about his "shorts." I love bubble shorts, but he wanted big boy shorts like Woody. He kept trying to pull them down to his knees. Sorry buddy!

Look how Woody has grown!

After a summer of endless snacks, they were so hungry when they got home! They both cleared their plates and asked for more!

The school wants you to use carpool, so I wasn't able to speak with their teachers. Gaines's teacher called me and said he did really well on his first day. He played well with others and didn't hit or bite anyone! However, she said by the end of the day, he was over it. He wanted her to hold him and he kept trying to go to sleep. He took a long nap on the first day.

Woody's teachers posted these pictures on his class website.

So sweaty after playground!
Also, the face you get now if you ask him to smile. What a natural!

He talks about the Science Station a lot. He says it is his favorite.

I feel like he has been doing really well with the new routine. He is always happy to go to school and happy when I pick him up. I am proud of him for dealing with the change. Last Tuesday was his first "tough" day. One of his teachers brought him to my car during carpool and said there were some tears thoughout the day. He hadn't slept well the night before, so on the way home I asked him if he wanted to talk about it now or later, and he said, "Later." That afternoon, he told me his friends picked up his puzzle before he was ready and some "big kids" (I guess the 5/6 year olds?) came to the playground and made him feel scared and he fell of the swing. He is so innocent and part of me wanted to laugh about what made him cry. It is a constant balance between wanting him to mature and not cry over the small stuff and wanting him to stay so sweet and tender hearted. 

He told me Wednesday that he cried at school again. His teachers are so sweet, and emailed me about what happened. Again, very minor things, so I don't know why he is getting upset. Brooks and I are meeting with them next week about how we can best support Woody. Thankfully, yesterday he happily told me that he didn't cry.

I hope they both have great years. I have prayed so much about this change and their teachers. I just want them to be happy, but I know in the end, it is my job to help them grown into kind, well-rounded children. That means there are some times where they won't be happy. I try to tell them everyday that when they are scared, upset, or mad, they can always talk to Jesus and He understands. They probably have no clue what I am talking about, but maybe it will set in and they won't be like their momma and have to wait way too many years before they figure that out (even though my parents did a fabulous job teaching me!)

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