Monday, December 1, 2014

Gaines' Baptism

Like I said previously, these pictures are all from Sister's blog. I am so lucky to have an on-the-ball sister to document all the important milestones for my kids' lives! She has even more pictures here.

I was raised Southern Baptist, so infant baptism was something I was new to (when we baptized Woody.) And in case you were interested in reading more about it, check it out here.
 (See my cute shoes? They belonged to Brooks' grandmother.)

 Dr. Pentz spoke about the importance of Gaines Alton's name. I have mentioned before, but Gaines was Brooks' grandfather's and uncle's name. Grandfather Gaines passed away when his plane went down on a mission for the US Air Force. It was very special since Gaines was baptized on the Sunday before Veteran's Day.

I would also like to take a quick second to talk about the other men where Gaines gets his name from too. I never met Uncle Gaines, but I love hearing stories about him. He reminds me of Brooks. He was funny and the life of a party. He also had a gift for flipping houses and wasn't afraid to try something new. I think we would have gotten along great! 

My Paw-Paw, Alton, meant so much to me. I grew up around the corner from his house. After my brother and sister left for college, I would go to his house after school. He called me Cotton Top, and sometimes I miss this nickname. Not only did he give me nickname, but all of his grandchildren...and his grandchildren's friends....and boyfriends/girlfriends! Sometimes they weren't the nicest nicknames, but it was special that he took such an interest in our lives. I wish that Brooks could have met him (mostly so I could get a nickname for him.)

And finally, my brother, William Alton. There are eleven years and one week between us, and I have always looked up to him. He is a natural-born leader (including being a principal.) When I was little, he would take me on "dates." I think it was probably so he had an excuse to see those cartoon movies or to show girls how "sweet" he was. One time he took me to see Dumb and Dumber when I was 8. It was awesome. 

I hope Gaines displays the characteristics of these men. Strong, dependable, outgoing, bold, brave, funny...I could go on and on!

 We held our breath, and Woody did pretty good. He climbed on the pulpit to give a sermon only once!

After, my sweet cousin, Becky, and her husband, Howard, hosted a brunch for our friends and family. Not only was it beautiful, but I got to chat with everyone without worrying about food or cleaning up! Extremely appreciative to them!
 Woody loved sticking his feet in the cornhole holes. He may be on to a new game!

 Gaines and my dad

 Gaines is so happy to be a child of God!

 My family (except for my sister's husband, Robbie)
I am so bummed I didn't get a picture with Brooks' family!

The grandkids
(Gaines-8 months, Marrell- 6, Maddox- 10, Hollon- 2 months, Jake- 5.5, Woody-2)
Woody is nothing but consistent when it comes to pictures.

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