Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh, hello

Is this about Thanksgiving? Nope.
Gaines' 9 Month Update? Nope.
Savanna's wedding? Nope.

Although I need to blog about all of those, this is what you get for tonight.

Let's sum up today... canceled lunch date for dishwasher delivery, dishwasher delivered, but not installed, dishwasher currently residing in dining room, traffic jam going to PRESCHOOL (seriously, how does a preschool parking lot get so jacked up?!), no naps (Gaines), busted lip (Gaines...lots of blood), poop in the tub (Gaines) and spilling the tub of poop on the bathroom floor, thrown milk (Woody), thrown beans (Woody), current screaming baby because I refuse to nurse him every three hours during the night (Gaines), and a momma who finally got a shower after (too) many days without. Welcome to the Harvard house!

I know that I must be a gem to come home to. #Blessed Brooks hasn't flown the coop.

I use to completely judge those women that stayed at home and didn't have immaculate homes and delicious meals ready for their husbands. I get it now. The struggle is real.

I tried to get pictures of the boys in their Christmas pajamas. 

Which would you like for your 8x10?

Can we talk about that turtleneck?
Can we talk about those teeth? (9 of them)

I adore watching him play with his nativity. It is so sweet to see him act out the story of Jesus' birth.

Sike. I had just removed Mickey Mouse and Chase from Paw Patrol from their "house."

Nighty night. Gaines is still screaming.

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