Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gaines- Eight Months

Gaines Facts
  • Weight: He is a big guy! Still thinking a little above 20  lbs. He is longer than Woody was at this age too.
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing: 12 months
  • Sleep: Pretty much the same as seven months. He is cutting some molars, so naps and bedtime are either a hit or a miss. He is pretty consistent on a morning and an early afternoon nap. He sleeps for at least an hour then. Some days, he needs a late afternoon catnap, but it is usually only around 30-45 minutes. He goes to bed around 7:00 ish. On good nights, he will sleep until after 1:00 am, but some nights he is up every three hours. I have tried letting him cry some, but he gets progressively louder, and if he wakes up Woody, the night is RUINED! Sometimes is is just easier to rock and calm him down for ten minutes than to listen to him scream.
  • Eat: For breakfast he usually has some yogurt or fruit puree. Lunch he gets a vegetable and dinner is a meat and fruit or vegetable and some cereal. He still nurses around every three hours, but I don't think he is drinking as much as he use to. And if we are out, I can extend his nursing to every four hours (although it doesn't make him happy.) He loves to eats puffs, those baby rice cakes, and banana bites for snacks.
  • Gaines is crawling all over the house. He can really move it!
  • He loves to stand up. He still needs to hold onto things to stand, but once I saw him let go and stand on his own for about five seconds! He is trying to pull himself up on his own, so we had to lower his crib. This makes me soooo sad. It looks more toddler-ish and less newborn baby bed. 
  • He was baptized! I will post pictures later, but they will all be stolen from Sister's blog.
  • If he is being fussy, a bath is the cure. He loves the water. It is nice to put him in his bucket in the shower, because he can splash and make a mess (a little lemons to lemonade from  not having a proper bathtub.)
  • I am starting to see some separation anxiety, or as my friend, Beth, Calls is "Stranger Danger." This past week, he completely freaked out over Woody's speech therapist, the MOPS nursery workers, and Santa Claus. Other than strangers getting within six feet of him, he is super happy!

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