Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good, Happy Weekend

Do you ever feel like the Christmas season is a bunch of "noise?" My husband perfectly described what the season has felt like lately. We get so wrapped up in the go-go-go, even when the go-go-go is good. It has been incredibly hard for me to focus on the reason why we celebrate Christmas when I feel my head and time with all of the insignificant things the bombard me.

This weekend was exactly what I needed to refocus my mind. A reminder of how good God is to me, especially with blessing me with my loving family and dear friends. A weekend full of those things was just what I needed. 

On Friday, I met my friends Alyssa and Catherine to ride the Pink Pig. We thought we were playing it safe by going on a weekday, but we still stood for over an hour in line. (I should have learned my lesson from this time.) I am grateful for my sweet friends who helped me with the boys, especially when I had to park my stroller.

Obsessed with these Christmas sweaters! Thank you Mimi!

 Catherine and Gracelyn

Alyssa and Watts 

When I had to ditch my stroller, I ditched my camera in my bag, so the rest of these are from my phone. Woody was OBSESSED with Priscilla the Pink Pig. (BTW- I wasn't supposed to take this picture, but I had already snapped it when they told me no personal photography. Sorry!!) He kept running back to her to give her a hug. When other children tried to visit with her, he would run in front of them to try to get in her lap. No the best manners, but still cute.

They would only allow two to a seat, so Woody rode behind me with a little girl. It was his first blind date. He loved the ride!

And so did Peepers!

On Saturday, we did yard work, refinanced our house, and went grocery shopping. Sounds super boring, but I am thankful for those things. Saturday night I met my friends for Libby's birthday. It was nice to get away for the evening and have some kid-free time. (Lucky me, I met my old teacher friends Wednesday night too.)

On Sunday, we went to church with these little candy grams.

I can't express how much I love knee socks.

Other fun stories

Woody loves to rearrange our pantry and snack cart. I saw that the bowl the keeps the clementines in it was empty and on the floor.

And then I found them here...


Woody is obssessed with his ABCs. He says them all the time. I especially love when he says T (tay) and W (dub-lu.)


Gaines and Woody fight all the time. Over e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I feel like this is the way things are going to be for a while. However, every now and then I catch them being sweet to each other.


I love Christmas with the boys. Woody loves to play with the tree, therefore Gaines loves to play with it too. The tree is in the den, which I try to keep the boys out of (or at least their toys.) However, we go in there several times a day to look at the tree. Woody was annoying me because he found this hot pink glitter ornament he kept trying to hang on my white and silver ornament tree. 

It hit me though, with today being the anniversary of the horrible Sandy Hook tragedy, I am so thankful for the little hands that hung that pink ornament. It is staying on the tree. And it may be my favorite one.

My precious guys!
And thank you, Nana, for our Santa shirts!
(In case you are wondering, I never buy my kids clothes.)

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