Thursday, September 4, 2014

Woody Goes to Preschool!

 (Disclaimer: Bad Lighting+Emotional Momma=Very Fuzzy Photos)

I don't have many words. Very much proud. A little sad.

 (Brooks could see how stressed I was that morning and was trying desperately to help me get a good shot. He is a very good husband.)

This is his favorite thing about preschool. Every morning he runs to this Thomas Number Game. He has done so good. He has never cried during drop off. His teachers say a few times a day he will ask, "Where Ma?" They let him know that I will be back, and he hugs them and runs off!

I pray that he has a great year. I want him to be good and respectful. I hope that he loves school and makes friends. I know he is only two, but I hope he is kind to others. And if he learns some letters and numbers (or any words in general), that would be awesome too.

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