Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Momma Tears, Preschool Update, Musuem, CheeksandPeepers Tears

Can we take a moment to appreciate single moms and military wives. Sheesh. I adore my children, and feel so lucky to be home with them, but I miss my husband! He lets me sleep in every morning while he deals with Woody (who has a 5:00 am wake-up time.) I hate the job that takes him away so much, but love that he has a job that provides us an income!

Preschool is still going well. Woody runs right in every day with no tears. I think he has a few sad moments through the day, but overall, I feel that he likes it. Believe it or not, I am already noticing some improvements with his speech. If you say "one," he will say "two." He says, "Hey Ma" and "Hey Da" all the time. If we are going somewhere, he will get his shoes and say, "shoo."

Since preschool takes up two days, we try to get out and do something somewhat fun the other three days. He really likes trying out new parks and going to Barnes and Nobles. Last Friday we went to The Children's Museum of Atlanta. We went about a year ago, and I wasn't overly impressed. However, they had a Groupon for it, so I decided to try it again. Woody really loved it, although I probably wouldn't recommend if your kid is over 4.

 Our friends, Alyssa and Watts, joined us

 I was the good mom who let her son play on the water table without an apron on. In my defense, I didn't feel like putting it on him while holding his twenty pound brother. Of course he was soaked with freezing water and walked around with his teeth chattering. 

They have a baby area that I convinced Woody to play in for a bit so that I could put Peepers down.

 Extremely unimpressed with the tractor

 Woody does not share my hatred of grocery shopping. Maybe I should put a toddler and a baby in that cart and see if he changes his mind.

Brooks was flying home that night , and we were all ready to see him. The majority of the time, my boys are pretty agreeable. But then there are times when they remind me they are only two and six months. When they both melt at the same time, I have two reactions. I either leave the room and cry too or I laugh hysterically and get out the camera.

Woody was so mad that I gave him fruit (instead of cookies) for a snack. He threw such a fit, and therefore, his biggest fan, Gaines, started crying. The more Woody cried, the harder Gaines cried. I was busy snapping away pictures with my cell phone, when I decided I wanted to document on my real camera.

But by the time I got it, Woody had stopped! So I calmly said, "You don't want fruit for you snack?" in order to get this reaction.
Mom. Of. The. Year.

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