Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Fall, We're Sick, and Muffin Tops

Completely normal blog title, right?

Like 95% of America, I feel that fall is my favorite season. I am over the heat and wearing too small shorts that stick to my legs. I love sweaters, hot chocolate, pumpkin candles, boots, and football. Woody feels the same way I do about boots- he has worn his almost every day.

Can you believe this little guy is sick? It is the saddest thing, but he will still give you a smile if you ask. He is sitting up. And he is trying really hard to crawl. What is his favorite thing to try to get to? His brother. I don't know why either, because this is what his brother does when he gets too close.

Yep, he tried to ride him like a horse. Don't worry, I stopped him as soon as I snapped a picture.

What?! Just trying to give him a hug, Ma!

And yes, this one has been sick with a nasty ear infection that kept him home from school today. He was up all night earlier this week because of it. Brooks and I were trading off comforting him, and during one of my shifts, I got in his big boy bed (that he doesn't sleep in) with him. He was tossing and turning until he finally got comfortable...on my stomach.

Now my stomach is a sensitive issue. Two little boys made themselves quite at home in there, and it doesn't look like it once did. I struggle to lose my muffin loaf top. But that night, Woody found comfort in it. The thing that I have wished would go away, my son was soothed by. And suddenly, I was so grateful for my soft stomach.

It made me think of how God works. He uses the things we hate about ourselves for His purpose. The things we are ashamed of, shape our stories. Our self-doubt, weaknesses, guilt, and shame can all be used for good. And one day, we will realize the beauty in our "ugly."

...but I still want to lose my muffin top. Seriously, slap the chocolate out of my hand.

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  1. Loved this. Yes, He is great at making beauty in imperfection, isn't He? Thanks for the reminder! Hope you are all well now. Nice blog, BTW!


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