Friday, October 3, 2014

Summary of our Week: Highs and Lows

It is absolutely dreary here...and I love it. We have no plans for this Friday, and the pouring rain erases the guilt I feel for not taking Woody outside. If I was cool (or more like didn't have kids), I would sit on my couch with hot tea and read a book. But I am not cool (because I have kids), so we are watching Halloween movies that I am 99% sure are going to give Cheeks nightmares tonight....

High: Brooks got home yesterday! He has been gone all week, so we are excited to have him back with us!

Low: He went to San Francisco and didn't bring me back anything. 

High: I bought myself a souvenier- a rug! For cheap cheap. (Will give a review when it comes in, but I am telling you, it was cheeeeeaaaaap.)

Low: I kinda don't know where I am going to put this rug.

High: Woody learned how to use the iPad.

Low: Woody learned how to use the iPad.

High: I added to my blue and white collection with this beauty from a FANTASTIC flea market.

Low: I had to leave behind 192,348,275 things I wanted as well.

High: Ernie the Fiddle Leaf Tree is regaining leaves! He was down to four.

Low: He still looks pretty pathetic.

High: Woody took his first art class with his friend, Blakely!

Low: He had no interest in it, and I paid $15 to make this...

(Well, Woody did oddly add the foam circle over the eye.)

High: This guy.

Blakely's Low: Her momma holding this guy.

High: God is so good. He loves me, He loves you. And He has this whole crazy life under control. 

Happy Friday!

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