Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Harvard Nursery...The Sequel

Woody wasn't even out of utero and I was dreaming of doing a nursery again. (Told you.) I can't help it. I have five rooms in my house in desperate need of decorating and TLC, but I love thinking of New Baby's (aka Sparky's) nursery.

And in the Harvard house, we believe in reducing, reusing, and recycling, so Sparky is inheriting Woody's crib, bedding, glider, and window treatments. (Don't fear, Woody is updating to a cool big boy room. He gets to keep his pie safe and gilver dresser.) However, I don't want to recreate Woody's exact nursery (despite how much I loved it.)

What can I change? The wall color. Here are some of my favorites...

Trying to convince Husband that dark walls are a DO for the nursery. Justification? Woody's walls were light and he was the worst sleeper as a baby. Plus, our bedroom walls are dark, and we have no insomnia.Yes? Yes.
Bah! Can't find a source. I love this nursery so much. But let's get real, my kid can't have nicer wallpaper than me. Nor a mantle.

Then there is this juicy goodness...

The bedding is a gold and gray ikat, so I am using this pillow as inspiration to tie in the dark walls in.

So what do you think? Dark walls? Or keep it neutral?

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