Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Chapter.

I write this post with the up-most fear I am about to jinx myself.

We sold our house. In 48 hours of listing on MLS. On June 20th, Vern will no longer be our casa. Oh, and I don't have a CLUE where we will be.

So how did this happen? Many of you know, that after Woody was born, we had to face to horrible fact that Vern was just too small for a family of five (Husband, Woody, Lucy, Winnie, and myself.) What made it worse is that we were not able to fence in the back yard. Due to Winnie's large size and substantial amount of shedding, my sweet and gracious in-laws took her in until we were ready to move and find a house with a yard.

I love looking at houses. (When I was a little girl, I would by house plan magazines and pick out my future home.) I found a subdivision I loved, that was zoned for a good school, and in our price range. Best of all, they were building two more houses, so I would be able to pick out what I wanted. Well wouldn't you know that those two lots sold before we were able to get our own home on the market. They are going to start construction on the next phase, but those homes will not be ready until December (which means January...or even February.)

We decided to still list our home, in case it took months to sell. HA, you know the rest...

Currently, our plan is still to build. We have a deposit on a lot, but in the meantime, we are still searching to see if we cannot find a home that is already built. This is not easy in Atlanta. Houses are selling withing 48 hours (much like Vern.) Home values are going up too. (This was awesome when we were selling, but stinks now that we are buying.)

This whole process is scary, but such an exciting scary. Every time I panic about living under the I-75 bridge, I remember that I need to release control. Why panic? God knows where we are going to live. We are blessed that we have friends and family in and around Atlanta.

You are amazing if you are still reading. I cannot wait to share pictures with you, and share this journey!

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