Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

LIKE IT: Four Weeks. That is all that is left of school. 

My brain is partially fried, and the kids' brains are bacon by now. I am scrounging up any activity that I think will somewhat hold their attention while learning something math related. Why is is that teachers prepare so hard for the first four weeks of school, but not the last? We expect miracle to happen those first four, but just  to survive the last. 

Even with that said, this has been my favorite year teaching. Ever. My students fill my heart with so much happiness. There were big changes adjusting to life working with a baby, but the part-time gig has been wonderful. Prayers please that everything will fall into order, and I will keep the same position next year.


Sorry about this random shot, but these are some curtains that I picked up at My Favorite Place on Saturday. I love them, especially since the two panels were only $15. Only downer was that I thought I had found these awesome vintage curtains, only to get home and see an Ikea tag. Oh well, I still think they rock.


I am obsessed with this dress. It looks expensive right? Nope, try $46.55. I know right? I REALLY have been trying to save money for some big exciting changes that may be happening to us (teaser), but I need to make an exception. Drooling.

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