Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It

Day three of a new post. This hasn't happen since BW (Before Woody.)

Since it is summer (what what), I am going to really work hard on blog posts. Oh, and try not to only just show my kid (sorry Mom), but I can't promise.

Like It:

We may have a new house. The inspection in this weekend, so we will see how it comes. I am trying to not get too excited in case this doesn't work out. BUT...if it does, we are going to need some window coverings.  Aren't these cute? At $13, they are very budget friendly. Has anyone used them/have an opinion on other cheap window coverings/want to donate to my plantation shutter fund? No?

Love It:

The massive hydrangea bushes might be the saddest thing about leaving Vern. Usually, they bloom a lot sooner, but some colder temps delayed them until recently. I love looking out Woody's window at them. There are so many, we are allowed to cut the blooms. (I may have made up this rule, but whatever.) Think anyone would notice if I dug this up and took it with me?


Would you ever guess this was Forever 21? It is from their Love 21 line, which I have really become quite fond of. It is only $17.99, so pretty much free right? It is a perfect work/church/date skirt. It may just have to find a home in my closet.

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