Friday, April 19, 2013

Woody- Nine Months

Three quarters to a year? I can't talk about it...

Pictures are proving to be extremely difficult

"Forget this."

"C-ya Mom"

Woody Facts
  • Weight: A little over 21 pounds. He wasn't as heavy as I thought! And 29 inches tall. He is in the 75-85 percentile for both height and weight.
  • Diaper Size: 4
  • Clothing: 12 months
  • Sleep: Progress People! Like I said before, he has never been fond of a morning nap, so would nap at 12:00 pm, and then fall back asleep at around 5:00 pm, which totally messed up bedtime. After one especially sleepless night, I decided we were going to do Sleep Bootcamp. He is now just napping from noon until around 2. I eliminated the 5:00 pm nap. At around 6:45 pm, Woody gets a bath and lotion, he nurses, then we brush his teeth and a story. Bedtime. So what did I change? I quit letting him fall asleep while nursing. Wish I had started this, oh I don't know, maybe six months ago. He sleeps from 7:30 pm-6:00 am, I nurse before I leave for work, and then he sleeps some more! Everyone is happier. (Disclaimer: I act like I am all Super Mom- sleep training my kid and all. Fact, we are only on Day 3 of Sleep Bootcamp. This could all blow-up in my face tonight. Also, I am pretty sure he is sleeping so well, because my mother has been praying very hard...and very often.)
  • Eat: Nurses four times a day and gets one bottle while I am at work. Except on weekends, then he just nurses five times a day. Breakfast is usually a fruit, lunch is some sort of meat and a vegetable  and dinner is cereal/oatmeal and a half jar or fruit or vegetable. He eats pretty much anything, except spinach...this really ticks him off. He is eating more table foods too. He really likes cheese, black beans,and veggie sticks. 
  • Two teeth on the bottom and two new teeth on top!
  • Standing longer and longer without support.
  • The doctor agreed to try a prescription lotion for his skin. We just got it, so hopefully we will see some improvement. 
  • The Easter Bunny brought Woody one of those rolling walkers. Does Woody walk with it? No. He climbs it. (Husband is so proud.)
  • **He is supposed to be napping right now, but I hear him "talking" and laughing. Love it (but go to sleep kid. I just wrote a paragraph about how I sleep trained you.)**
  • He has always slept with a lovie and a stuffed Mater (from the movie Cars.) He has added this week a blanket that a friend gave him. He will even pull it out of his crib and drag it around his room with it.
  • Woody loves the show Sid the Science Kid. On long car rides, we play the theme song over and over (and over.) 
  • This really happened at the end of last month, but he is in a big boy carseat now. Thank you our friends Harrison and Casey for it! 
  • I love to watch Lucy and him play together. She is surprisingly gentle with him. Woody likes to roll balls to her.
  • We are going through some separation anxiety, but nothing too terrible right now. 
  • I say this over and over, but he is amazing. I love his personality, and how he discovers something new everyday. I love how tight he hugs me and his slobbery kisses. I love when I pick him up, and he just gets so excited to see me. (Although, he kinda cries/whimpers, but I think they are tears of joy...right?) I don't know why God blessed me with such a wonderful gift. Great, now I am sad and about to crawl in the crib with my son (who is still not asleep.) 

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