Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big iPhone Photo Dump

Woody is getting quite brave while standing and is beginning to let go and stand on his own. Unfortunately, when he realizes this, he begins to clap for himself and fall.

Brooks had to go out of town for a few days. These two insisted on watching until he was out of sight.

Future Dog Groomer?? We aim high.

Despite every toy being in our living room, Woody much prefers to flip through some coffee table books.

When Dad gets me ready...

While I was home for Spring Break, my son decided he needed a time out.
(In reality, a toy had gotten caught under his crib, and he couldn't figure out how to rescue it.)

We have been enjoying sunny days and long walks...

...and doing things we aren't suppose to.

Let me explain. I couldn't resist these PJs. If the weather gets below 50 degrees, I make Woody wear them. And he thinks it is hilarious to not pull his head completely through. He get his weirdness from his father.

While sleeping, he somehow becomes magically more delicious.

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