Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get It Done.

One of my favorite things about Woody (besides his incredibly precious cheeks), is that while he was in utero, I think he made me a million times more productive than I ever was before. Some people call it nesting, and then they are exhausted, but I still have it. I have been making the most out of these bursts of energy with simple (and cheap/free) projects.

In the summer, I revamped my sofa table and jewelry cabinet. I guess these are my favorite things to change because they are small and simple.

$20 Target Desk

Summer: Gold Legs + Striped Table

After: Greek Key! And linen hampers baskets to store blankets and Woody's toys.

Total Cost: $4.00 of paint and $6.00 for painter's tape
(I already had the gold and baskets were a gift from Momma)

Reba was sporting pearls for the New Year and is having trouble parting with them

Jewelry Cabinet Before:

Painted w/ Contact Paper

New Skirt Table! Made with my old shower curtain!! (And needs to be ironed...)

Total Cost: Free!!!

This was a painting we received when the owner was throwing it out. It just wasn't our style. I painted over it, and this was the end result.

Total Cost: Free! I already had all these colors!

I made colorful new place-mats from my most favorite fabric ever. I trimmed it out in emerald ribbon (Hello color of the year! I am quite fond of you.) I would like new napkins, but haven't found what I really want.

Total Cost: $3.00 ribbon 
(Already had fabric)

And, I am still working on Woody's new bathroom, but here is a sneak peek!

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  1. Your home looks great! Love the gold on the table and your new skirted jewelry tower. ;)


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