Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Goods Finds

I really enjoyed having the whole day off on Monday. Woody and I ventured across the street to Home Goods, where I found so many amazing things, I decided to make a Valentine's Day know, just in case :)

How cute are these number baskets? So perfect for Woody's room.

I don't need these, as I already have a lot going on in my living room without purple velvet chevron pillows. Perfect if you need some zhush. (I am zhushed-out.) 

Such a great chair for $200! I would paint the legs white, but easy fix.

I am really falling in love with all things brass

So perfect for a casual table. 

Forget the fact that I have a queen (not a king) bed and brown and cream linen bedding (pretty much the exact opposite of these sheets), but I seriously almost came home with these.

And onto things not Home Goods related, Woody was practicing his rolling (over) skills and landed on Lucy.Luckily, she was cool with him hanging on her.

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