Monday, October 15, 2012

Woody- Three Months

"Boo-yah. I'm three months, yo."

(Yes, the changing pad has been updated. Bummer for my comparison photos.)

Look at his creases on his belly! 

Woody Facts

  • We don't go to the doctor this month, but he is over 15 lbs. I would say if he isn't 16 lbs, then he is very close. Well. Feed.
  • Diaper Size: 2
  • Clothing: 6 months. As I prepare for Woody's holiday wardrobe, I have been looking for 9 mo.
  • Sleep: Has started taking fewer, but longer naps. The best is when he takes a long nap after work, from around noon-2:00 or 3:00 pm. It gives me time to eat lunch, do some chores, and take a quick snooze too. Woody usually, goes to bed between 8:00-9:00 pm, wakes around 2:00 am for a feeding, and then 6:00 am. I can usually get him to go back to bed until Brooks leaves for work at 7:30. Sometimes Woody skips the 2:00 am feeding, and sometimes (like last week) we decides to wake every 2-3 hours. 
  • Eats every three hours. When he gets a bottle, he takes around 5 oz (sometimes more, sometimes less.)
  • I went back to work on October 1. Woody has been doing really well with his new schedule. I love that when I pick him up, he is so happy. I am also thankful that I only spend a few hours away from him a day.
  • He laughs all the time. If you smile at him, he smiles back. 
  • His favorite person? Me, duh.
  • He is so happy the majority of the time. He only gets fussy if he is really tired or hungry.
  • First Crush! Her name is ceiling fan. Woody finds her beautiful.
  • He likes TV a lot. Whoops. And because my child is a genius, he already laughs at the funny parts.
  • Woody is scared of the dark. If we are on a walk, and the sun goes down, he has a major meltdown.
  • We took Woody to the church nursery for the first time! He has now been twice and done really well. Positive he was voted class favorite. 
  • I love to watch Woody and Brooks sing together. They have an odd collection of songs that Woody really likes. His all time favorite is Moves Like Jagger. Seriously.
This was taken by Woody's Papa today before church:

Fam Jam!

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