Monday, October 22, 2012

Teething, Bad Outfits, Football, and Pumpkin Fails

On Monday I had a happy boy...

Then Tuesday came with some painful gums. We needed lots of cuddles. And the loss of pants.

And then came misery.

Teething Tablets helped a bit.

Absolutely not, Brooks...
(Cannot believe I am posting this for the world to see)

It is Daddy's job to dress him in the morning...

My cousin, Bob's, daughter, Morgan, was in her school's homecoming court. Woody was in the midst of his teething terror, so we just stayed for halftime. 

Poor Guy. He was much happier to get back in the car and go to sleep.

Okay, I have been dying to take Woody to a pumpkin patch...a real pumpkin patch. The one I wanted to go to was a 45+ minute drive, so Brooks quickly vetoed that idea. We compromised by taking him to a local "Parking Lot" Pumpkin Patch a mile down the road. We walked down there Saturday, only to realize we had no wallet. Don't worry though, we went back on Sunday.

Sunday Night Football

Tomorrow I will post his pictures from the Parking Lot Pumpkin Patch! 
(I know you won't be able to sleep waiting for it!)

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