Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

1. Life here is crazy. I have started teaching Extended Day two days a week, which means I am here at school until 5...if I am lucky. Wednesdays I am here late planning. I actually treasure Mondays...I can leave when I want.

2. With my crazy teaching life, I just don't have time to change out purses. I have never been a big purse gal (surprising, but true.) I tend to pick a bag that can go with anything and wear it until it has holes in it, only for it to reappear in 6-12 months when I decided that the holes really aren't THAT noticeable.

My heart belongs to my black and brown Longchamp. Even though I have had other Longchamp bags, this is my favorite because it is black AND brown (and has enough room to fit a small child in it.)

However, after three amazing years together (off and on), and the fact that I am pretty sure I am growing something in this bag, I have decided to venture out for another bag...two in fact. I am going to use another Longchamp bag as my "tote", but I also want need a black and brown "everyday" purse. Here are my favorites...

(I figured I should start out with the most expensive one.It is on sale though!)

(Sweet Price!)

Which is your favorite?


  1. Oooh I am loving the Aldo & Zara bags the most. I might need them too!


  2. I'm so disappointed to hear that we won't be twins anymore but I'll give you my opinion anyway! The Kate spade one is definitely the best though I would need to see how wide the top can open. I love the look of the Zara one but come on, short straps are a deal breaker for an everyday bag. I didn't take the time to look for black and brown but I'm always upset by how few people know about this...


    Their bags are vegan, so they aren't real leather but you don't notice! They also last forever and ever and are awesome.



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