Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY? You Obviously Haven't Met Me

There is a reason that DIY looks similar to the word die... because that is what it makes me want to do.

I have been amazed at all the DIY pins on Pinterest lately. Do people really make this stuff? And even more importantly, does it look like what it was supposed to?
Let's take a look at some of these projects...

Sure, I have an old barrel lying around that I have been meaning on turning into a bookcase

No Daughter, you don't need to go buy a new dress, we will just cut up one of Mom's old sweaters

This one would be noooo problem

Because the hooks they sell at any store just won't cut it

You know what I want to do? Put magnet tape on the back of a map, cut out 50 states, and have people judge me for being a nerd

My favorite? You can make the above skirt with one seam. Beautiful skirt...but yeah right.

(I think there are a lot of people on Pinterest that really need to get started on these DIY albums.)


  1. Haha! I cannot ever figure out how these people find all these spare materials or spare time for these projects! I really like that magnetic map though....

  2. I can't even curl my would I do these things! I wish I could though!


  3. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!


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