Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear Gaines...Three Years Later

Dear Gaines,

Three years.
36 months.
156 weeks.
1,096 days.

But I remember it like yesterday. I was about to bring a baby boy into the world. I wish I could whisper to the me on March 6, 2014, "Life is about to be way more awesome than you ever imagine."

It is no surprise that your favorite song is "Everything is Awesome." Because with you, it is true. You have taught me so much in three years. Patience, kindness, boldness, humor, and a very special unconditional love that show.
In three years, your funny little personality shines a little more each day. You love bigger than that gigantic head of yours. You are the love bug of our family. You always ask us if we are happy, and you will cry if you think anyone is sad or mad. You are smart. You can figure out the coolest way to make a bridge or build a tower. You love to take a toy apart to try to put it back together again. You are hilarious. You love being the center of attention, and we can usually count on you to put on a show. Sometimes you are shy. It makes me laugh because it is a total phony act that you can't keep up for more than two minutes. You are stubborn. Bless your will serve you well as an adult (although it drives me nuts now.) 
So much about you was a surprise and unplanned. But the world would not be as great without you. Our family would not be complete without you. I couldn't be momma without you. You are my Gainsie Guy, my Peepers, my Gippy, my Gaines Alton. You are my laughter, my fun, my dancing partner, my big blonde head, my cuddle bug, my baby boy, my love you too.
I am so thankful for you Gaines. I am so lucky to be your momma. Happy Birthday.

 Your Momma 

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