Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dear Squeak,

Dear Squeak,

(Sorry...I am just not the belly pic/maternity photo kind of girl. I take one belly pic the week I deliver. Squeak, if you want to inquire more about what I look like- I was big, with unwashed hair, and lived in Nike running shorts for my entire pregnancy.)

Let me start by saying, your real name is not Squeak. It is just a nickname we have for you until we meet your sweet face. Please find it endearing if two little boys continue to call you that (and sometimes your momma and daddy!) You have been my most cooperative baby, and I hope your sunny disposition lasts! You dad and I can't wait to hold you, love you, and let you grow up in our crazy family.

You are my third baby. In some ways, that seems unreal. I still feel like a first-time mom. I know, I know, how do I not have my act together yet? My search history consists of a lot of "is this normal" hits, and I know that won't stop once you are here. As much as I obsessively worry, my promise to you is to try to obsessively pray for you instead. That seems to get better results.

I don't want you to worry that you are my third baby. My heart has already grown larger for you. I know your personality will be completely unique and you will have your own special identity; God has been carefully working on it for some time. If I do say so myself, there is something special about being the third child.

Those two little boys I mentioned earlier are Woody and Gaines. They are pretty incredible and live one room over from you. They are also really excited about meeting you. Don't worry, they have silly nicknames too. Let them protect you and try to tolerate their noise. When you get mad at your dad and me, you can commiserate with them, but try to sleep in a little later than them if you can.

You are a pretty lucky baby. Your daddy is rather spectacular too. He will teach you one day to ride a bike and do magic tricks, but for now, he will change dirty diapers, sing you silly songs, and walk with you on sleepless nights. He keeps your momma sane...thank him when you get a chance.

And who am I? This lady that has rambled on and on? I am your momma. Your blessed beyond measure momma. From the moment I first heard your heartbeat, I knew that you were mine, that I needed you desperately, and that I loved you immensely. I wish I could promise to be perfect, because that is what you deserve. But I won't be. I will mess up. Let me apologize now. Thankfully, our Heavenly Father is the Perfect Parent, and through my failures, hopefully you will witness His grace.

I love you little Squeak. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow.



  1. Baby squeak you are one lucky baby to be joining this beautiful family! I can't wait to meet you sweet one!


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