Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mae Stanley's Birth Story

Even though I started this blog when I was young and childless, there are no more precious posts than the stories of when my children came into this world. They are so special to me, and every time I read them, I am flooded with memories of those incredible days. Mae Stanley's is no different.

Before I get to the BIG Day, I wanted to share a few funny moments about that week. She was born on a Thursday, but that Monday, I woke up with slight cramping. I had been having lots of Braxton Hicks, but they were mostly at night. Monday I felt funny all day. On Tuesday, both boys were at school, and I had a day full of errands. However, the cramping feeling was getting worse and worse, and deep down, I kinda thought I might go into labor before my c-section date. When I got home after picking up the boys, a Home Improvement marathon was on the television. This was one of my favorite shows growing up, but I rarely see it on TV. If you don't already know, the family has three boys. I couldn't help but wonder if it was a sign that we would shortly be welcoming another boy to our family. However, the first episode I watched, Heidi, the assistant, has a baby! A baby girl! I quickly switched from Team Blue to Team Pink. Then, that night, the Friends episode was on where Rachel has Baby Emma. (In case you are wondering, things like this drove me halfway crazy during my pregnancy!)

On Wednesday, I just knew my cramps would be leading into labor. WRONG! They completely went away, felt great, and did my best to somewhat clean the house since the cleaners cancelled their appointment the day before....ugh. The Harvards and my parents both came in town Wednesday. I started to get so excited- Pam had bought "Squeak" a precious, white Pixie Lilly set and my parents had two huge boxes that my sister had put together.

**Let me back up a little. I swear I am eventually going to get around to having a baby! Brooks wanted to be surprised with the gender, which I was okay with, but I love all things monogrammed. So I got the idea to have the ultrasound tech mail my sister the gender! My sister is so special to me, and she is amazing at not spilling the beans. Yes, she kept the secret for almost five months! She didn't even tell my mom! So those boxes contained her gift to Squeak (filled with monogrammed greatness) and a box that my mom had given her money for and she filled with cute clothes and the going home outfit. Do you know how hard it was to have those boxes Wednesday night and not go through them!?

The rest of Wednesday night consisted of Woody and Gaines not sleeping AT ALL. Seriously. My typically good sleepers where cranky all night. Finally, Thursday was here and I caught the cranky bug because I was very hungry, and knew I wouldn't really be able to eat the rest of the day.

A little after 10:00, Savanna, Brooks's sister came over to keep the boys. She is so sweet and took a day off work to keep the boys so that all the grandparents could be there. I felt good leaving the boys with one of their favorite people. We got to the hospital at about a quarter til 11:00. It started to hit me that this was my last time to do this, and I found myself obsessed with wanting to capture every moment... yes, even in the waiting room.

Let's do this!

Second (and last) picture of the bump

Our sweet pre-op nurse, Belinda came to get us a little after 11:00 to get the ball rolling. I felt myself starting to get nervous, so I was glad to have such a funny and kind nurse. At the last moment, Brooks said that we should play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide what we were having. I was Team Girl, he was Team Boy, and I won. I guess that settled it- we were going to have a girl. (I know, we are weird)

The anesthesiology team came in to get my epidural rolling. Just like with Gaines, some of the nicest people ever, which is good that they make you feel so comfortable...they are going to be seeing a whole lot of you in the OR. Soon, I was nice a numb, and it was time to head to the OR to meet Squeak! I prayed and prayed just to feel God's peace and to let Squeak be healthy. I wasn't alone in the OR very long before Brooks came back. With Woody and Gaines, he walked in by my head, but with Squeak, the door was by my feet, so he walked right by as they were getting started, which was a bit odd.

Right before

The doctor then yelled for Brooks to stand up and watch his baby being born. Yes, they actually encouraged him to look over the blue curtain. He did and snapped the camera away. I will save those pictures just for me, because they are very unsettling to look at! (Hey! There are my guts and a baby's head! Ick.)

At 1:35 PM, Squeak was here, and when the doctor told Brooks to tell me what we had, all I heard was laughter...and finally, "Oh my goodness, is it really a girl!?"

Mae Stanley was here. Weighing in at 7lbs 12 oz (1 ounce less than Woody) and 20 inches long. And you guys, I cried...and cried...and cried. Part of the tears were from the excitement of a girl, but most were just the joy of a third healthy baby that God had just given me. I kept asking Brooks to wipe my tears...and when he walked over to check on Mae Stanley, I kept asking this poor doctor from the anesthesiology team to do so. Again, the guys were saints.

So happy

The rest of the day, we just cuddled our sweet girl. I was so thankful she nursed like a champ in recovery. On Friday, the boys came to meet their sister. I had these grand ideas of these beautiful family pictures...and this is what I got...

At least my parents got a sweet picture. Brooks failed to get one of his parents with her, so I stole this one of Pam and Mae Stanley.

Woody and Gaines were much more interested in the gifts (that they requested) Mae Stanley bring them.
Preschool Logic: New Sister=Santa Claus

The next few days were spend in our little hospital room, secluded from the craziness of the world. Part of me can't wait to get home and resume life as I know it. Part of me wants time to stand still and just remain in the safe hospital forever.

Saturday Pictures

Sunday- Ready to Go Home!!!

Loving the combination of her outfit and carseat

Mae Stanley, welcome to our crazy family. I love you more than you will ever know.

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  1. I have been awaiting this post! (Maybe too much! :)

    I am so so happy for you! Mae Stanley is just beautiful!


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