Friday, October 21, 2016

First Few Days as a Family of Five

My mom just left, and I don't know who was more sad: the boys, my mom, or me! I couldn't have survived without her help. I'm very glad Senior Harvards are coming this weekend. If we could just keep a constant rotation of grandparents for the next 18 years, I would be set!

I seriously can't believe I have three kids. I am quickly learning that things can get a bit crazy, but my heart has never been more full.

This was right when we got home from the hospital on Sunday. Gaines was getting up from a nap, so excuse the hair. Both boys were so excited that their baby sister was home. Woody loves to tell Gaines when Mae Stanley "poops in hims pants."

Later that night

Before the boys went to bed, they wanted to tuck Mae Stanley in for the night. Gaines gave her some letters to keep her company through the night.

Mimi went to help stock her closet as soon as she was born. It seems surreal to see all the pink!

First Dr Appointment. Brooks wore pink to match her <3
And let me just say, this guy has been awesome. Watching him become a dad again makes me fall in love all over again.

My amazing Aunt Emma made my gown

Aunt Emma also made the boys some "big brother" shirts and Mae Stanley a "little sister" gown. Do you know how hard it is to get pictures of these three?!

First and last time they will hold her

Gaines was so nervous!

He loves to give her "hugs"

Bright Eyes!

In one of my baby dresses

Saban was on hand to welcome her to her first Gameday at home

Then the boys had fun pretending to be Saban

After church- thank you Brooks for giving us a little quiet time on Sunday mornings!

Not loving her first bath

They constantly want to know what she is doing.
Don't you love what Gaines chose to wear?

The World's Best Big Brothers!!

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