Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 Part 2 + Lots of Random Pictures From my iPhone!

This was the Monday before Halloween at school. Woody wasn't impressed with the inside of a pumpkin. 

And Woody not paying attention.

Year 4! Love that little cowboy!

We decided to go back to Alabama for Halloween. Nana Jane isn't doing well, and we just wanted to see her, as well as our other family. We loaded up Friday and hit the road. We made it to Auburn (a little over an hour until home) when our neighbor called to let us know Lucy had escaped. (Savanna, Brooks's sister, comes over to let them in and out and feed them while we are gone. We love her so!) He had Lucy, but wasn't sure if Winnie had gotten out as well. Savanna went over to get Lucy, check on Winnie, and lock them both in for the night. However, we were worried that with the Trick-or-Treaters, she might escape again. So we decided to turn around and go home. My amazing husband had the best attitude about the whole situation, and it wore off on all of us. The boys slept the whole way back home (and through the rest of the night), and we enjoyed just spending the time talking. 

So Saturday morning, we tried again!

With the two pups!
The just didn't want to miss any fun.

Brooks brought his fancy camera and took amazing photos with it. He needs to teach me how to use it (and the fancy computer with Photoshop), but for now, I have pictures from my phone. And hey, my boys are cute despite the picture quality!

I wanted the boys to be party animals. If I am being honest, it kept me from buying new costumes. Neither were down with the idea of wearing sunglasses. The hats stayed on briefly.

Watching "The Monkey Video" on YouTube to get pumped.

At some point, Gaines popped himself with the strap of the hat, so we ditched the idea and decided to embrace our inner zoo.

We trick-or-treated in Brooks's parents' neighborhood. Things we need to work on for next year:

1. We ring/knock once. And not both.
2. We aren't allowed inside.
3. Keep moving. Don't stop to eat the candy. It's for Momma. Kidding! sorta....

Sunday morning we hit the road to return to Georgia. The boys weren't feeling great, so I did what any great mother would do and gave them Halloween candy. Gaines agreed that it was a terrific idea.

(If you look closely, you can see M&Ms smeared on his face.)

Busy weekend!

My poor buddies didn't recover well. This was Monday night. Woody came in my room and passed out in the chair. I took them to the doctor this morning...both have Bronchitis and Woody has a double ear infection. So glad I took them!

Feeling okay enough to hug/wrestle

Okay, now I need to dump a bunch of photos from my phone. I think these are in order...maybe not.

On brother's scooter while he is at school.

Woody had his first dentist appointment! Unfortunately, he was so upset, he didn't get them cleaned. They did count them, and see that he didn't have any cavities! We will try again in the Spring (maybe.)

Woody on school picture day. Hoping his smile was a little more natural.

I love cardigans. However, I think this one is too small.

He looks 13 here!

Another day. Another cardigan. Another wild man.

My good eater chowing down on Hot Dog Stir Fry. Remember when I thought I couldn't cook?! Maybe I should Pin the recipe. 

"Mom, I'm ready for my trip to Japan!"
(As long as the Paw Patrol can go too.)

Manners 101

Woody out.

My Aunt Deborah made them precious outfits. 
But my models were not camera ready.

Checking out Target's Halloween section. 
(And hopefully not getting lice.)

Getting pumped for the slide.


I love love love those boys!

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