Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Say what?!

Since Woody has really started talking, I have really enjoyed the random things that fly out of his mouth.

The majority of the time, he is like a parrot. He just repeats things. Gaines had broken a car beyond repair, and I was trying to tell him it was broken. Not only did he cry every time I said, "It's broken," he really screamed when his brother replied, "It's broken. It's broken."

If he doesn't want to do something, then it is scary. Example-
Me: Please put your tray up.
Woody: I scared.

Me: Go to the bathroom.
Woody: I can't. It's scary

A few weeks ago, Brooks was out of town on a climbing trip, and I was trying to get the kids to church. I was scared we would be late, so I told Woody to hurry up so I could get him dressed. He looked at me and replied, "Have we met?"

Woody was crying in the car. Like uncontrollably. I kept asking him, "What's wrong?" and he finally calmed down enough to answer, "I lost my mitten." .... Woody doesn't have mittens, and when I informed him of this, he cried harder and screamed, "I know! That is why I am sad!" (Don't worry grandmas...I ordered him some mittens.)

The saddest excuse for a hug. Please note the potty seat in background. Peepers constantly tries to take it in the car. It is his favorite toy. (Before you throw up, it has never been used. Woody still only uses the "widdle potty.") We already have a plastic potty in the car for emergencies with Woody. I can't let my car go look totally like a porta potty. What would the people at carpool think?

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