Friday, November 20, 2015

Woody's Thanksgiving at School

But first, can we take a moment to relive last year's Thanksgiving!?

It was a big day for Woody- Chapel in the morning and his Thanksgiving Feast in the afternoon. Daddy was even able to make it to Chapel! Also in attendance was an alphabet workbook. I hope our Lord isn't offended.

And some videos of Woody not paying attention/annoyed with the singing that is interrupting his learning.

Woody's class with his teachers and the speaker

Woody's teacher are amazing for dealing with him and take pictures of the kids all the time. I am glad to know the workbook made it to the playground today.

(And during this time, Gippy was in Mom's Morning Out, and I was enjoying a nice, no kids outing to TJ Maxx. I bought a's cute.)

I came back for Woody's feast. He even wore his pilgrim hat for me!

Come on! You know better than that! No way was he wearing that.

"How dare you, Mom?"

I love the centerpieces and place mats they made.

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